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PerfectiNwave® lounger

The unique shape of iNwave® loungers, the only one of its kind worldwide, introduces indescribable comfort and unusual variability of use in hydrotherapy. It allows fixing the massage position of feet in various places for persons of different height. The iNwave® lounger also includes the option to sit in both directions. A comfort you must try.

The shellflat lip

Technically demanding solution introduces the design element and unlimited options to place your glass and more. Due to the flat lip, the cover adheres well and minimizes the vapour and energy losses. Additionally, it is possible to use the USSPA original mechanical cover.

To the lastdetail

Design of a spa, it is not just the shell. A unique design of USSPA is also applied in the smallest details such as the Boost ControliN or the pillows. The key components of the spa had also received a new appearance and improved function including the cover and the cabinet with all accessories. A completely new design dimensions provide new possibilities for the spa and cabinet lighting.

Respect for ergonomics

The contours are elaborated with a total respect and knowledge of ergonomics, which guarantees a correct body positions in each place. The incline and shape of the uniquely preceded seats are balanced so body would not be carried away by water, which allows you to fully relax. The correct body position with a suitable layout of the appropriate types of jets and optimum water temperature are the main prerequisites for an effective hydrotherapy. Most of the positions allow the submersion of the whole body under water.

intimate zone

The shape of all positions and their mutual composition are designed so all seats and loungers could be occupied at the same time. Due to the unique solution, such as a multilevel floor, it provides the space for legs and feet; while allowing each user their own personal space.

space for water

Not just the ergonomics but also physical rules must be respected during designing the spas. In our spas water may ‘ascend’ also in the width and water level remains sufficiently below the lip even with full occupancy to prevent overflowing during the massage session.

uninterrupted flow

Water level requires a continuous flow to reach the filtration system via the skimmer. Another great effect of the preceded seats is the continual direct line of water level. No obstacles and corners, no water whirls catching contamination and grease in the spa.